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Advanced Painting

Advanced Painting familiarizes the student with a wide range of concepts, ideas, media and alternative approaches to painting being utilized by contemporary artists. This course explores the boundaries of painting through in-class work and out-of-class investigations. Through lectures, creative projects, discussions, and critiques, students broaden their art-making practice in conjunction with their conceptual and personal artistic development. As much as possible, I try to invite visiting artists for class critiques.

Students expand their existing experience of “what is painting?”

Students build advanced painting skills.

Students develop language to make and critique work inspired by their own interests and image research.

Students use a variety of painting media and approaches towards building individual expression.

Students develop independent thinking and practice.

Students gain practice in public speaking in giving a talk about an artist

Students develop an understanding of  the importance of idea and concept in art making.

Students develop independent thinking and practice.