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Senior Studio

Senior Studio I/II gives the senior fine arts students the opportunity for reflection on their own individual artistic practices, the opportunity for increased time and space for individual work, and a constructive environment for critique of their work as well as that of their fine arts peers. Senior Studio I/II is a rigorous studio experience culminating in an exhibition and jury where each student will present and defend their studio production and final senior thesis. Students are supplied with a studio where they will be provided with the opportunity for intensive making/creating and research/reflection of their own individual artistic practices. The Senior Thesis Exhibition is the culminating experience of years of study in the fine arts department. The work and exhibition should demonstrate maturity in thought, execution, and presentation. Both Senior Studio I & II are intended to build on each other and allow the students to support independent project execution. Students conceive, research, create or produce an independent body of work. At the end of the course, all process, research, documentation and final projects should be presented at the final senior juries and senior presentation. My role, as their teacher, is to assist them in expressing their individual voices, challenging them to go deeper, and reaching their goals for their work in preparation for their BFA exhibition.